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What Are the Warning Signs of Kidney Disease?


Recently my daughter was concerned about my feet becoming swollen. She asked me to get my creatine and albumin checked. (Little did she know I had been eating oil-cured olives the night before and had been standing on my feet all day preparing and cooking for a class). I don’t take her opinion lightly, she’s an intelligent  and concerned young woman who loves her momma, (and an RN). View full post »





THIS IS A GUEST POST BY MY DEAR COUSIN SUE. She loves to cook and is always trying to find healthy, quick recipes to make and freeze up. If you are a busy mom, this recipe is for you!


Quick, Healthy Soup-

The idea behind this soup is to be able to make one batch of soup that will meet a variety of taste preferences.  So whatever you’re in the mood for…this soup can do it.  You have the basic soup plus all the possible add-ins you might be in the mood for.  The key to it’s success is a little pre-planning and prepping.

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 Fermented Sauerkraut

Raw, unpasteurized sauerkraut delivers beneficial bacteria called pro-biotics to the digestive tract, while providing nutrient absorption, and making your gut happy and healthy.

By eating this rich in pro-biotic fermentings at each cooked meal, your body will be able to process the meats and cooked foods that you normally would have problems digesting.

This is a Super easy dish to make.

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I can’t tell you how much Food Research has meant to me these past three years. I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid around five years ago. My M.D. wanted me to go on thyroid medication, so I took the option of Armor Thyroid to regulate my thyroid. My energy levels, metabolism and fuzzy brain were doing havoc to me. I also had terrible migraines for a number of years. The above symptoms were only a few of the known symptoms for hypo-thyroid. Within two years of first getting tested and being put on AT, my  thyroid levels got worse. They showed that I progressively needed to up my mg for the AT to keep my levels in check. I was becoming dependent on AT and I was not happy about that.

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IMG_4607I hope your’e near enough to join us –

We’ve re-scheduled our cooking class for March 10, 6pm-9pm
This class is a fun, hands on, cooking class.

In our class you will receive:
Four recipes printed out for you, (so you can make them at home).

Four authentic sicilian dishes: Stuffed Artichoke, Arancini, Caponata, (a delicious antipasto spread) on italian bread, and Melanzane Fritti, (fried eggplant)

Valuable hands on learning
Fun and laughter while gathering around the table – cooking and eating together
A glass of wine to enjoy while we cook and eat
Coffee to round out your evening
Class is limited to 10

Wine or a healthy fermentation will be served

This is not a gluten-­free or sugar-­free class, (although we will be discussing these healthier options in our cooking).
class is 3 hours

Cost ­ $60 + Eventbrite fee
You may reserve your spot on EventBrite
Just click on the links to reserve your spot- I hope to see you soon!

Maria Ricci, CHHC


IMG_3810Lake Como, ITALY

As a family, we had the delight of visiting our generational homeland.

We were gifted with a trip to Italy. Lake Como was a favorite of mine. Not only was the weather wild and wet with the sky brooding with anger-we had the opportunity to have an array of natures fireworks light up the afternoon sky. The boat we were on took us around the lake, stopping at castles, small villages and quaint towns. When the boat docked ashore, we walked along the quaint cobblestone streets and enjoyed warming ourselves with coffee or soup inside a few quaint restaurants.

You won’t find Starbucks or even a protein breakfast like you will in America. I craved to have eggs in the morning, (rather than a sweetened pastry and coffee). But that was not going to be found anywhere in Italy. Bummer to find out that I was not going to have any protein the early side of noonday. View full post »


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I have to admit this meal was one that I didn’t see coming. I looked in my cabinets, fridge and garage to see what I had for a decent meal that evening. Cooking for my family is all about what ‘I’m’ hungry for. It’s all about me, ya’ know! I’ve tried asking my family for ideas to try for dinner. Since that doesn’t work, my family is dependent on liking whatever I’m in the mood for that night!

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Eggplant Parmesan  Gluten-FreeEggplant Parmesan Gluten Free Recipe

This recipe is one of the easiest and delicious eggplant recipes that I’ve tried. I LOVE eggplant. The first time I ever tried eggplant was when I was seven years old. What does a kid know about liking eggplant? It was fried in a mixture of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese then fried in olive oil until crispy. OH.MY. GOSH. I found heaven! View full post »

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